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Southern Sudan Referendum 2011

About this Site

The Southern Sudan Referendum Commission (SSRC) in Khartoum is responsible for conducting the 2011 Southern Sudan Referendum in conjunction with its subsidiary in Juba, the Southern Sudan Referendum Bureau (SSRB). The referendum is mandated within the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement and will decide whether the ten states of Southern Sudan will remain in a unified Sudan or vote for independence.

The referendum was conducted from the 9th until the 15th of January 2011. The results of the referendum have been counted and are now undergoing tabulation and verification at the SSRC/SSRB Data Centers in Khartoum and Juba.

Content of the Website

The Southern Sudan Referendum results website will display the amount of votes for the two polling options: Unity or Secession. Additional data displayed includes:

  • The total votes cast and percentage results by state, county, and referendum center.
  • The percentage of valid votes cast for the two polling options with 50% + 1 of the votes.
  • The percentage of votes cast in relation to the legal threshold of 60% of registered voters.

Results Process Overview

Referendum results will be counted at every Referendum Center immediately following the close of polls on the final day of polling. The results will be displayed for public viewing at each Referendum Center.

In Southern Sudan, copies of the results forms from the respective Referendum Centers will be forwarded to each of the County Sub-Committees, State High Committees, and Data Center in Juba for tabulation and aggregation. Only the Data Center in Juba has the authority to verify and announce the preliminary results for the ten states of Southern Sudan.

In Northern Sudan, no aggregation will occur at the state-level. All results forms will be sent directly to the Data Center in Khartoum for tabulation and aggregation.

For Out of Country Voting (OCV), the results forms from each Referendum Center will be forwarded to the Country Offices for aggregation and public displaying. The results will be declared as “Results for the Country” and forwarded to the Data Centre in Khartoum for aggregation and verification.

Once results are received from all State Referendum Committees in Northern Sudan and the eight OCV Country Offices, verified by the Data Center in Khartoum, and approved by the SSRC, they will be declared as “Results for Other Locations” and displayed for public viewing.

After declaring results for other locations and receiving the results for Southern Sudan, the SSRC will aggregate both sets of results and declare them as the “Preliminary Results for the Referendum”. The final certified results will be announced after the conclusion of any appeals received to the competent courts in Northern and Southern Sudan.

Official Time Line

Activity Date
Announcement of results at Referendum Centers 15 - 17 January
Announcement of Counties results 20 January
Announcement of results at Referendum Centers Committees in Northern Sudan 20 January
Announcement of States Results 23 January
Announcement of Country Results (OCV) 23 January
Announcement of Results for Other Locations by SSRC 26 January
Announcement of Results for Southern Sudan by SSRB 30 January
Preliminary Results for the Referendum declared by the SSRC 2 February
Last Day for Submission of Appeals (Section 43(2) of the Referendum Act) 5 February
Final Results of the Referendum declared if there are no appeals 7 February*
Last day for disposal of appeals by the Courts (Section 43(2) of the Act) 12 February
Final Referendum Results declared if there are appeals 14 February**
* (within 48 hours Section 44(1) of the Act)
** (Within 2 days after disposal of appeals & 30 days from the end of polling Section 44(1))


Southern Sudan Referendum Commission (SSRC)
Southern Sudan Referendum Bureau (SSRB)
Southern Sudan Referendum Out of Country (OCV)